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Timex Battery Pack Program
The simplicity of some design initiatives belies their complexity. These Timex watch batteries required bold graphics coded for specific product applications, as well as different date codes and job lots for 12 different foldover blistercards. We coordinated and executed each phase of production, and supplied Timex with a family of products that has strong consumer appeal.

Timex Micro-fold Instruction Booklet
When Timex designed their new smaller watch box and stand the old booklet (above) was too large. The stand required a much smaller booklet (below) with printed area of 12-9/16'' by 13-1/4''. J.R. Reeves designed, printed, and micro-folded this new booklet along with a gravity feed magazine style dispenser container for ease of handling.

Timex Accessory Wire Rack Display Program
This point-of-sale display for Timex watch accessories is a prime example of the integrated capabilities of J.R. Reeves' production services. Everything from initial design, to photography, fabrication, assembly, and shipping was completed and coordinated on a fixed cost.

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