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The J.R. Reeves Company has provided packaging, printing and display solutions to clients nationwide, both large and small. Below are some of our highlighted works over the past few years.


SearsThe permanent end-of-aisle tool set display needed to both grab attention and create excitement. Colorful graphics combined with...
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TimexThe point-of-sale display for Timex watch accessories is a prime example of the integrated capabilities of J.R. Reeves' production services...
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StaplesThe "Back To School" display, designed to look like a pencil created multiple challenges from the initial concept right through...
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Thompson Candy

Thompson CandyThis 6 color process family of flexographically printed pressure sensitive labels was produced for various packaged chocolate candies...
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SonyThe packaging for this Sony data cartridge, the first Sony product of its kind, needed to both educate and sell end-users on its application...
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Grey Poupon

Grey PouponPaperboard can be designed and printed to function as an effective point of purchase marketing tool...
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ForedomThis four color process litho-laminated corrugated display box stands out on the store shelf. It grabs the consumer's attention...
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Sand Devil

Sand DevilVersatile quick-change manual sanding tool. Works on wood, plastic, metal, & fiberglass.
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